The Right Night

Un court-métrage de Jeremias Nussbaum, avec Nina Mazodier et Jeremias Nussbaum. Image: François Chambe

My second short film produced by Mias Media. The production was rather easy, with people that are like family. Working on this project showed me again how fun filmmaking can be. Not that I ever forgot about that. “The Right Night” will be hitting short film festivals around the world in autumn 2017.

An industrial wasteland – overtaken by the winter’s fog. The cemetery wall is a thoroughfare for lost souls. A young homeless man who lives in his car and a young girl whose current project is to commit suicide, are a few of those people.…

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Acting Reel

Tapez dans l'oeil de Jeremias

Extracts of the films Nina’s home (Richard Dembo), L’arche de Babel (Philippe Carrese) and parisk! (François Barge-Prieur/Jeremias Nussbaum).

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Welcome to my world!

Jeremias Nussbaum as Arlequin in Marivaux's Island of Slaves by Irina Brook.

As Harlequin in Marivaux’s classic “The Island of Slaves”, directed by Irina Brook. © Luciano Romano – Change Performing Arts

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Here I present my work, my creative projects and I tell a few stories about my work, from my beginnings until today. You just want to know what I’ve done so far? That’s on the page: My Work. For some more personal information about myself, go to My journey (so far). Envoy your visit, and feel free to critic and comment.

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L’Arche de Babel (Babel’s Ark)

L’Arche de Babel is a French television film directed by Philippe Carrese. It was shot in 2007, and showed in May 2010 for the first time on national TV. I played a nazi from Luxembourg following his sister and her Jewish husband through the French-Italian Alps. We had a nice shoot in the Alps, in an original bunker from the second world war. I used the money made in this picture to produce the web series parisk!. The producer, Thierry Aflalou, was also so kind to lend me the camera they used to shoot the Making Of for my series.

A few pictures from the shoot:

A short clip from the making of L’arche:

Nina’s home

Jeremias sur le tournage de "La Maison de Nina"

Nina’s home was an important film for me, as it was my first major dramatic role in a feature film. The result of our work is not really satisfying, though. This is quite understandable if you now the story around the production. It was Richard Dembo’s last movie. Richard Dembo had only time to make three movies. His debut, Dangerous Moves with Michel Piccoli, was a huge success (Academy Award for Best Foreign Film) in the early eighties. His second film L’instinct de l’ange (The angel’s instinct) was quite expensive and failed at the box office. It took Dembo years to get the money for his third film. Nina’s home was supposed to help him make his come back. But Dembo never finished the film. He died unexpectedly three month after the shoot, while he was editing the film.

Personally, despite all this, I have many good memories related to the shoot. I met a lot of great colleagues, made friends, who, for most them, I still see on a regular basis today. I also took advantage of all the technicians around and asked them all kinds of questions about filters, cameras and anything else that could be of interest to someone who had never had as much spare time on a set.

Watch the trailer (in French, no subtitles, sorry):


Sasha is quite a character: Rather clumsy, a little bit shy and a hundred percent antihero. He was born when I was doing acrobatic comedy on stage. He grew into a one-hour show and then became the hero of the web feature parisk!.

Sasha has always been a foreigner. When I first gave him a background, he was polish. I love Poland. For quite personal reasons. When Poland joined the European Union in 2004, I had to change Sasha’s nationality for dramatic reasons. I wanted him to stay a foreigner without any papers, visa or residence card. Writers can be quite mean to their characters. Sasha became Russian.

Sasha is now officially from Bryansk, a industrial city in the southwest of Russia. Not too far from the border with the Ukraine and only 500 km from Chernobyl. He was born on the 26th of April in 1986 at 1h23 in the morning, only one second before the explosion that led to the biggest nuclear catastrophe of our times.

Sasha is the main character of most of my creative projects (parisk!, feature film, short-films). He is really impatient to see what’s coming next. And so am I.

Watch Sasha in the short One bottle too many.


A young Russian arrives in Paris in the back of a pickup van. He has just started to visit the city when his wallet is stolen. He follows the thieves and runs into a beautiful blond… or or

Web feature, Running time: 45 min, Languages: English and French (subtitled), directed by François Barge-Prieur, written and produced by Jeremias.

Starring: Jeremias, Alix Benezech, Jonathan Perrein, Ivan Le Goff, Jean-Marie Godonier, Daniel Basuru, Patrice Vrain Perrault, Cid Freer, Pierre-André Gilord, Oleg Paskidov, Damien Jouillerot, Jean-François Lebec, Melanie Peclat, Aleksandra Yermak, Mathieu Gary, Helene Yip, Heloise Cabot, Marjorie Cadoret, Kevin Strebler, Claire Thomasse, Chan Radjesh and David Moreze.