Draped In A Dragon – A comedy short

Draped In A Dragon is a fast-paced, quirky comedy in which Sasha, an apprentice singer, tries to record his first love song. But is it really a love song?
According to Jeff, his sound engineer, and Tina, Jeff’s girlfriend, Sasha’s song might reveal more about his hidden fantasies than he would like to admit. A heated debate ensues, in which the correct placement of the “D” becomes one of the key questions.
Is it Sasha who chose his words poorly or Jeff and Tina who have twisted minds?

Starring Scott Koehler, Natacha Krief, Jeremias Nussbaum, Jerry Di Giacomo, Jonathan Perrein

Written and directed by Jeremias Nussbaum

More info here: mias.fr/en/projects/draped-a-love-song

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