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Le choix du pianiste by Jacques Otmezguine
Une histoire de fou by Robert Guedigian
Mince Alors! by Charlotte de Turckheim
Une vie meilleure by Cédric Kahn
The Army of Crime by Robert Guedigian
Female Agents by Jean-Paul Salomé
Nina’s home by Richard Dembo
The Statement by Norman Jewison

Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec by Shirley Monsarrat
LT 21 by Mélisa Godet
Scènes de ménages by Karim Adda
Un Village français by Olivier Guignard
Quand la guerre sera loin by Olivier Schatzky
Rien dans les Poches by Marion Vernoux
Guy Moquet, un Amour fusillé
L’arche de Babel by Philippe Carrese
Famille d’Accueil by Alain Wermus
Quai N°1 ep. Frères d’Armes by Alain Robillard

Est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un ici qui pense à la France ? (Collective writing), Directed by Mélanie Péclat
Terre Noire (Stefano Massini), Directed by Irina Brook, National Theatre Nice
Le cercle des ombres, Directed by d’Hovnatan Avedikian, National Theatre Nice
Tempest!, Directed by Irina Brook
The Island of Slaves (Marivaux), Directed by Irina Brook
An Odyssee, Directed by Irina Brook
Autre Chose comedy show, written, Directed by Lola Naymark
Sasha, comedy show, written, directed, main role

L’hôtel parfait, Feature Film, written (Price SACD-Beaumarchais)
One by one, Feature Film, written
Draped In A Dragon, Shortfilm, written & directed
Jacqueline’s revolution, Shortfilm, written & directed
The right night, Shortfilm, written & directed
One man’s fortune, Shortfilm, written & directed
Parisk!, web series, written & directed

numerous voices, voice-overs and dubbing for film, television and radio in German, French and English

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